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Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules.
Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.
Theology is a game whose object is to bring rules into the subjective.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Difference and Equation of Philosophy, Science Philosophy and Science

Difference and equation of philosophy, science philosophy and science; Four Philosophy Science question: characteristic, procedure, condition of, cognate status; Four dot look into science philosophy: consistent, presentation (exposition), discipline, criteriolog order second; Constructivist; Basis for erudite research: deductive and inductive; Logic: formal (material and shape) content.

Difference and equation of philosophy, science philosophy and science
Its equation: philosophy goodness and science and also science philosophy have same items object that is, human being, eternity and world. Evaluate about human being will bear human being philosophy. Evaluate about world bear natural philosophy. Evaluation about God and eternity will bear the infinite philosophy. Human being wandering in world have directionally (internationalities) to that good God in for in life, hence delivering birth ethics philosophy. Human being wandering that have desire to know and recognize, hence delivering birth science philosophy, confessed by its truth.

Its difference: philosophy is an effort thinked systematically, methodical and comprehensif-holistic to look for because inmost from a problem of to its roots. Philosophize to mean to think radically to find truth root by base. Science philosophy is an research of continuation about itself science to question the way of its acquirement, erudite knowledge base and ground, erudite knowledge marking so that that knowledge can be justified theoretically and reflective. Science is an study experience of physical world regularly and systematic pass/through perception process, subdividing, estimate, examination, verification, to increase mind. That science goes into effect public, having the basis for justification and continues to expand. Difference of Science and science philosophy: can be differentiated pursuant to its intensity. Science represents one of much knowledge and has the character of eruditely (knowledge scientific), while science philosophy domicile it reside in to the other science. Science philosophy (science of science) and represent criteriology order second. Basis for the truth of science is erudite thinked that is thinking inductive and deductive and also intersubjective. Its Meaning Intersubyektive of its truth rate is confessed by man of science humanity.

Science philosophy raise four question that is: characteristic: what differentiating erudite research with other research; Procedure what have to be gone through by man of science; Condition of kinds of what have to reach by erudite clarification; Cognate status: how cognate status of erudite laws or principles. Who study that thing? Clear that one who is handicap bounce not possible to study that thing is.

Science continue to expand and all kinds of, but remain to have four approach dot. Fourth of dot look into that is consistence; presentation (exposition); discipline; a [n directive both (critelogy order second). Consistent of its meaning remain to be relied on important erudite theory. Here science philosophy has duty for the elaboration of that broader implication from science expanding. Presentation (exposition): it’s meaning leave from argument (exposition) anticipation (tendency and presupposition) all mans of science to nature which does not change, having regularity in nature with whole its implication. Philosophy science duty is to determine principal method so that do not be trapped by at target and appliance. Certain discipline: its meaning science discipline of have conception and clear theory and analyses and classification so that there are erudite clarity, so that clear progressively benefit and meaning from various erudite theory and concept. An directive both ( Order criteriology Second): There is three knowledge level that is: [both/ second] that is knowledge analysis, after first storey; level that is explaining fact ( science / fact of explanation) and storey; level zero that is knowledge of fact. related/relevant Science philosophy at directive mount two ( second - order-criteriology).
Constructivist: knowledge woke up to the occurrence observation inferences perceived. Inferences: is afirmation to one or some proposes to other pursuant to understanding of that proposes relation which undoubtedly in character. Process construction knowledge of human being for example our construkst, our experience domain and our experience structure network. Constructivism says that knowledge of result human being is result of human being construction. Their Construction knowledge human is being through their interaction with object, environment and experience. Its figures is Jean Piaget, Vygotsky.

Logic: Study Structure and aqal prinsip. Studied by non by mistake or truth, but valid. Become logic is efficiency to think valid. Logic investigates mind laws. That investigation happened by elaborating human being mind elements. Idea of that human being consists of congeniality element (word), decision element (recapitulating element and sentences) (conclusion). Logic converse about congeniality, recapitulating and decision - verification or recapitulating. Logic consists of: Formal logic: that is respective of aqal form (syllogism). Material logic: (fill): study about prepositions, ideas, opinion

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