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Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules.
Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.
Theology is a game whose object is to bring rules into the subjective.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Martin Heidegger: About Technology's Age

Nietzsche is the intersection of postmodern philosophers and Martin Heidegger, in which meditations on art and technology, they are always quoted and commented it. Heidegger's contribution to the sense of de-realization of the set of key phrases like: "everywhere we are underway amid beings, and yet we no longer know how it stands with being", and "precisely nowhere does man today any longer encounter himself, be his essence ". Heidegger's view of modern technology as the fulfillment of Western metaphysics, which is characterized as a contemporary metaphysics. Since the early philosophers, precisely Plato, Western thought to understand being as the presence of being, which in the modern world means being available for use. The presence being tended to disappear into the transparency of their inapplicability as a ready to use. The essence of technology, which he named as "the enframing" entity being reduced to a calculate arrangement. Thus, mountains are not mountains but a pile of rocks, the river Rheine. Rheine river is not a machine but a hydro-electric energy, and humans are not humans but reserves of human power. The experience of the modern world, then, is a withdrawal being in front of the en framing. However, people affected by the withdrawal itself in moments of anxiety or boredom, and therein lies the road to a possible return of being, which may be equal to the repetition of the experience being expressed by Parmenides and Heraclitus.Heidegger saw this as a realization of the will to power, the other Niersche concept, together with the concept of eternal repetition, fatigue represents the tradition of metaphysics. For Heidegger, the will to power is the eternal new as a (becoming), and permanently stop the moment of metaphysical presence. Becoming an occurrence and death in and being among other beings of the resurrection of the being. So, for Heidegger, Nietzsche marks the end of metaphysical thinking but not a space above it, and Heidegger saw it as a last resort in Oblivion metaphysics of being not yet finished. Hope for a space in a non-metaphysical thinking lies in Holderlin, whose opinions supporting the signs being given by the withdrawal itself.
While post-modernist indebted to Heidegger's reflections on being the unreal and the de-realization of being through enframing technology, they are sharply rejected the works of Nietzsche.

Many postmodern philosopher Heidegger found in a nostalgia not being what they have. In fact, forget the feeling more choose to be happy (cheerful Forgetting) the fun and creativity (playful creativity) in the concept of repetition Niezsche eternal (eternal return) as a repetition of a new and different. The authors are associated with large postmodernism have noted that other Western forgotten and marginalized, including Heidegger, figured by Jews. In this way, they can differentiate their projects from ideas of Heidegger and critically considering his involvement with National Socialism and his silence about the Holocaust, even to say it as something that is not personal. Search Heidegger for his actions and his refusal to take responsibility not to be found in postmodern opinions. However, they will find many points of departure from the philosophical significance of Heidegger on Nietzsche and many examples where Nietzsche's ideas are used to critically against Heidegger.

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