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Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules.
Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.
Theology is a game whose object is to bring rules into the subjective.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HABERMAS at Deliberative Democracy

“My Friends in INDONESIA, Now, is GENERAL ELECTION 2009. We are grateful because our state [is] state which democratizing. It is better if us a moment dialogue with Modern Big Philosopher [of] 21 century this, HABERMAS, about Democracy:"

Since collapse communism him, Habermas start to transfer some of its attention analysis about process democratize in era of past communism. According to him “..... At a state of politics which fully secular, body politic without radical democracy is not can have and is indefensible ....”
Habermas leave from its attention growth and change of society in modern era. Society experiences of fast growth in consequence of modernization process. Systems in society start to develop its trunks and arrange communications in society. According to him, system in big capitalists society progressively while lebenswelt (world life) progressively minimize. System start to arrange at every society step exists in depth.

As a result, communications shall no longer touch at problem, less easy going, strained and is loaded of conflict. All the things in society relationship become systematic progressively as according to what desired all capitalist. Three elements in idea of Habermas, namely state, capital, and society shall no longer walk by it but arranged by capital. More than that, State even also become the part of clan of capital that. Though, according to Habermas, for the shakes of a social integration the needed is lebenswelt where in him happened communications/process discursive. Process that discursive shall entangle all elements in lebenswelt. Habermas realize that in lebenswelt there is demarcation by factual role each individual. This demarcation result the existence of reduction in roles each individual. For that needed by law. How? Habermas tell that way “... that only law of law which in process of discursive authentication of law understood legally can agree by all law subject may claim rules which is legitimate...”
Radical democracy which meant by Habermas in citation he is to the basing itself a] principle of discursive emphasizing participation and also equivalence [among/between] society citizen in public debate practice, which entangle them which is have importance [to] of that decision. Its meaning, all decision of publics have to entangle all society elements, what later will be hit by impact of the decision in free and equivalent public discourses [of] domination. Caused by this discourses, hence happened conference in public room, continuous. Process like conceived of by this a Democracy of Deliberative Democracy have the character of deliberative if “gift process a reason of to the candidate policy of public tested in advance pass public consultancy or pass public discourses.” ( F. Kindness of Hardiman, “Democratize Deliberative: Model for the Indonesia of Pasca-Soeharto?”, in Bases, no. 11-12, Nov-Des 2004, hl. 18).

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