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Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules.
Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.
Theology is a game whose object is to bring rules into the subjective.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Karl Marx: Religion Detach Self Human being

Marx alone believe that capitalistic society it is true offer the happening of human being itself realization, but that thing is only happened to some people and non for all society. Marx later offer what referred as with communist society that in communist society each individual will enjoy active life, rich, and have a meaning of; even that thing are barbed coexisted, however itself realization remain to be enabled.

In alienation context, Marx differentiate at least there is three things which must be referred as by when people converse about alienation or detached that is alienation as no realize itself, as no autonomous and alienation related to role of capital to the labor. But here I will only try to comprehend detached deeper which confessed by Marx as alienation because no itself realization. Told by Marx that in religion there no forms realize itself truthfully. This matter because in human being religion shall only bow and unopened to be dialogued giving possibility for every individual to express itself. Religion do not develop man innermost intact, because human being only depend on sham authority which created its own.

According to Marx religion which only can punish his, surely capitalist clan creation religion to grind and lay down small people with pious doctrine. Where in that doctrine of people obliged by pious life processed heavy asceticism and accept grief voluntarily to be can win the day in heaven. Here Marx sees that that thing is only representing society creation, is specially referred as by Marx: power society, to strengthen its power hegemony to small society which led it
But in fact what becoming concern of Marx? Clear that Marx see in such religion action of people very depend on its own creation. Human being is not autonomous. Human being have to at one's feet of rule which have made of own. This can be explained like in course of production. Marx says that in course of production every worker will within call goods which is making of, so that he spatially can touch and treating him. But when that goods change hands, the worker shall no longer in command to the goods. In religion, according to Marx, when human being above the ground as free creature – without religion- he spatially can make order, sanction, rites and others; but when he enter and start to believe a[n religion, human being then bow with made rites and order it own. At the time of that's detached human being from his self. Human being throw itself go out and bow to the its own creation, which none other than beautiful shadow from creature which suffering, longing authority protecting it, but that happened exactly on the contrary that that authority progressively handcuff and add its grief.

Despitefully also, Marx see that religion give exemption grind namely with surrenderness attitude. This referred as by Marx as nature of fetishism referred at material object having the power of supernatural. Marx says that that religion fetishism emerge when illusion in life lifted to become doctrine which will do not want to peremptory by each individual. This Fetishism will bear what referred as by Marx as ‘sham expectation of oppressed people.’ Religion Fetishism makes society unable to make a move spatially to free itself from poorness clutch. This which progressively settle confidence of Marx mentioning religion is not other as society opium.

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